Off Ice / Dryland Hockey Training and Strength Conditioning System Review - 'Hockey Speed and Power' by Kevin Miehm

Hockey Speed and Power

Hockey Speed and Power by Kevin Miehm is a complete, hockey specific, off-ice / dryland fitness program designed to produce the fastest, most powerful hockey players possible and quite frankly, it delivers.

Users of this dryland hockey training program (myself included) can expect to see siginificant improvements in some of the most important areas of the game.Your first stride speed and acceleration will skyrocket, you'll be much stronger on your skates, harder to knock off the puck, a harder hitter, more powerful shot, and the list goes on and on.

The reason the program is so effective is that it was written by a guy with 15 years experience playing pro hockey in North America and Europe, including a multi-year stint with the St. Louis Blues in the NHL. This huge wealth of experience, built up from 15 years of professional quality fitness training, went directly into this training manual, and it really shows.

About The Author: Kevin Miehm

Kevin Miehm

Kevin Miehm is an ex-NHL'er, career pro hockey player, and fully licensed personal trainer and sports conditioning professional. Kevin spent multiple years with the St. Louis Blues playing at the most elite level of hockey possible in the NHL. After coming up through Jr. with the Oshawa Generals of the OHL, Kevin went on to play with the Peoria Rivermen of the IHL (at the time the second highest league in the world) before heading to the Blues. Towards the end of his career Kevin then went to play elite pro in Europe.

This huge wealth of experience, including play at the top level in the world, is where the value in this guide really lies. Kevin has experienced every kind of conditioning and fitness program at every level of the game, including the unique programs run by elite European teams. He knows what works, and he's built Hockey Speed and Power around only the very best exercises that provide the very best results for your on ice game.

Kevin is now a certified professional trainer and sports conditioning expert and he dedicates his time to helping athletes, namely hockey players, reach their goals and their potential through targeted, effective fitness training.

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About The Program: What is Hockey Speed and Power All About?

Age Groups:

Hockey Speed and Power is broken up into three different versions for three different age groups. This reflects Kevin's understanding of the difference in body type that has to be considered when training different age groups. A pre-teen player simply can not do the same training regime as an adult, it would be dangerous.

The three versions are 8-11, 12-14 and 15+. By 15, a young adult's body is capable of performing the same workouts that fully grown adults do. The other two versions are laser targeted to their age groups to ensure the safest training possible with the maximum benefits.

The Program:

The Hockey Speed and Power program was originally designed for the Belleville Bulls of the Ontario Hockey League, Canada's top junior league. The program has also been used to train Olympians and Stanley Cup winners, but it's just as valuable to rec players or young kids. Anyone looking to improve their fitness, speed and power in order to excel on the ice will benefit greatly from this program.

The program focuses on core strength, lower body strength, upper body strength, plyometrics, agility, speed, proper warm ups, stretching and more. The exercises don't require you to be a fitness expert to perform, and the vast majority can be done at home with minimal equipment.

The guide includes both off-season and in-season schedules, reflecting the important difference in how players train depending on how often they're on the ice. Included with the program is a complete 4 month workout calendar, covering the day to day details of the program, so that you have a ready made schedule to follow right away should you so desire.

The exercises and workouts are all made up from the very best of 15 years of pro experience, and they're all specifically designed to result in significant improvements in your on-ice game, making you a faster, stronger, more dominant player.

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Overall Impression:

This is a really great program. The qualifications of the author speak for themselves. This isn't a program put together by a gym teacher or fitness instructor that should work in theory. It's a program put together by an NHL calibre player that does work!

If you're like the majority of players out there, and aren't training specifically with hockey in mind, or aren't training at all, then you're really leaving a lot on the table. You'll never be able to reach your potential if you don't focus on your fitness, and once you do, you'll be amazed at the difference.

This goes for all players, at all ages, whether you're a Jr. A player hoping to make the best of your shot at the big leagues, or a 12 year old hoping to get the last spot on the rep team, this guide can give you the results you want.

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What pro coaches are saying about Hockey Speed and Power

"Kevin designed this manual for our team and our players loved it. Many times players get theses manuals and toss them out. Our guys knew Kevin played at a very high level and trusted his knowledge.

I was extremely impressed with the conditioning levels our players came to training camp with. I highly recommend any player serious about moving on in hockey follow Kevin's principals. He is a first class Strength and Conditioning Coach."

-George Burnett, General Manager and Head Coach of the Belleville Bulls of the OHL and former Assistant Coach for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks of the NHL

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Hockey Speed and Power covers:

Dryland Hockey Training

Core Training for Hockey Players

Lower and Upper Body Weight Training

Agility and Speed Training

Hockey Specific Stretching

Dynamic Warm-Ups for Hockey

Energy System Training

and more...